Create a new
OSHI world

The excitement and
inspiration of 'oshi-katsu'
connect, expand, and evolve.

The excitement and
inspiration of 'oshi-katsu'
connect, expand, and evolve.


Bringing the ultimate excitement to 8 billion people

Update your fandom activities—

OSHI3 is a new fan activity platform project based on the cryptocurrency OSHI.

We combine blockchain technology with content platforms to provide new user experiences in the digital realm, OSHI3 enables users to create, choose, collect, and expand their fan interactions like never before.

“Create a new OSHI world” is our mission, where we aim to build a borderless token economy - where fans worldwide can share fan experiences that are 'one step beyond'.

Join us in shaping the future of fan engagement. Welcome to OSHI3, where your passion meets the limitless potential of web3.

OSHI delivers fan experiences that are 'one step beyond'

Oshi Token (OSHI) serves as the cornerstone of a new economic ecosystem, creating a platform where people worldwide can share excitement and inspire each other through engaging fan activities.


OSHI3 Contents

OSHI3 contents that allow you to enjoy oshi-katsu.
We also have plans for future projects beyond games.

Phantom of the Kill-Alternative Imitation-
Beautiful Girls × Blockchain: A Next-Generation RPG Where You Can Earn Passively.
Official Website
Brave Frontier Versus
A card game system featuring exhilarating battles woven with world-class pixel art.
Official Website

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OSHI3 Information

CrossVision Inc, CryptoGames Inc, and Senet joined the OSHI3 Alliance Partner

OSHI3 aims to expand content and strengthen marketing by forming partnerships with leading companies in various industries, and creating a new market with "Oshikatsu x web3".(for more information)

We have announced the project logo and website renewal for OSHI3.(for more information)

The first OSHI3 content “Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-” has released.
The next-generation idle RPG 'Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-' is a new game based on the world and characters from the hit mobile game 'Phantom of the Kill'.
You can refine and train the Kill Princesses featured in 'Phantom of the Kill', carefully considering their stats and skills to raise your own unique Killer Princess. Furthermore, as a unique experience of blockchain gaming, you can tokenize the trained Killer Princesses as NFTs for use outside the game, and acquire cryptocurrency through GameFi elements. (Official website here)

OSHI has been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange BITPOINT.(Official website here)

OSHI has been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange BTSE.(Official website here)

It has been announced that “Brave Frontier Versus” will be one of the OSHI3 content.
Experience exhilarating battles crafted with world-class pixel art within a card game system. Look forward to the thrilling excitement of 'Brave Frontier Versus'.(Official website here)

OSHI has been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange website here)

We have published a whitepaper for the OSHI Token.(Whitepaper here)